Handle with care ....

Our hens produce approximately 17,000 dozen eggs a week. All our eggs are collected the day they are laid, and are handled with the utmost care. From our egg collection rooms, they go straight into a cool room, to await grading. GreenEggs only ever sells A grade eggs, ensuring the utmost quality and freshness. GreenEggs are delivered directly from our farm to you, providing unbeatable freshness; continuity of supply, less damage to eggs and direct contact with us, the producer.

GreenEggs are a natural product laid by hens that are free to range and engage in natural behaviours such as foraging, scratching, dust bathing and eating worms and bugs. These factors, combined with the weather, time of the year, and their age mean that our hens lay eggs that vary in size.


Egg Sizes ....

Our eggs, which are all 100% free range, come in varying sizes.

For retail use; our eggs can be bought in boxes of 15 dozen eggs in 600g, 700g, or 800g dozens.

For kitchen use; our eggs can be bought in boxes of 180 eggs, which is 6 trays of 30 eggs. They are also available in 600g, 700g and occasionally 800g.



GreenEggs delivers into Melbourne 4 days a week and regional Victoria throughout the week. We always grade to order and never have an inventory of eggs.


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