Baked Eggs w home-made baked beans

April 22, 2019




Serves 8



100 gm Black beans

100gm Butter beans

100gm Pinto beans

500gm Diced tinned tomatoes

5 Tomatoes (ripe)

2 Brown onion

4-5 Sweet long yellow capsicum

5 Garlic Cloves

1tsp Cumin

1tsp Paprika smoked

1tsp Chilli powder

1tsp Coriander seeds

3 Bay leaf

Sugar, Castor 

¼ cup, extra for adjusting flavour

Salt and Pepper





- Soak beans separately overnight, note if not soaked prior, cooking duration will be increased.

- Combine the butter beans and pintos into one pot and put the black beans in a separate pot, fill both

with water, covering the beans with two inches of water. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and

occasionally stir and top up water when needed and until cooked.

- While the beans are cooking, roughly cut up the onions and capsicum. Finely chop the garlic and de-seed

and roughly chop the tomatoes.

- Heat up a pan with some olive oil, fry off the onions, garlic and all the spices. Sauté for a few minutes,

then add the capsicum, tomatoes and diced tomatoes.

- Stir and add in the bay leafs, sugar, 2 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of pepper. Bring to the boil and then

reduce heat.

- Reduce sauce, taste and adjust seasoning with salt, pepper and sugar.

- Add water when needed.

- While the sauce is reducing, check the beans. Once cooked, strain and add to the sauce. Stir through

to combine, continue cooking sauce until it is think and reduced. Set aside to serve with main dish.






1 mini skillet

Spicy baked beans

2 eggs

Parsley and coriander

½ avocado

Sour cream

Sourdough bread



- Preheat oven to 180c , heat up your mini skillet on the stove with some olive oil 

- Transfer your serving of beans into the skillet, make two wells into the bean mixture and crack your eggs in, leave to cook for 1-2 minutes.

- Transfer skillet onto a tray, cover and place in oven to cook for a further 7-12 minutes

- While the eggs are baking, cut ½ an avocado into a fan, roughly chop parsley and coriander. Toast and

butter the sourdough bread.

- Remove the dish from the oven and place on a serving plate.

- Garnish with the parsley and coriander, place the fanned avocado on the side with a dollop of sour cream served with toast on the side.


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