Adrian Richardson on making pasta

June 10, 2019



Fresh eggs are an integral part of making good pasta, says Adrian Richardson, chef and owner of La Luna in Carlton North and Bouvier Bar in Brunswick. 


"To look for freshness, crack the egg and if the yolk sits up really well, is nice and firm and the white is clear, it's looking good to go," he says. 


A vibrant yellow yolk adds a little colour to the pasta too, "a yolk with a golden yellow colour is also the sign of a good egg," says Adrian, "it often indicates the chicken is being given a good diet. Once you mix this into your pasta dough, it gives it a slightly yellowy tinge, it's lovely." 


What does Adrian suggest when making pasta at home? 


"My Nonna always made pasta with a simple flour, good eggs, a little bit of olive oil and some salt. The key to making pasta at home is practice, make small batches, involve the kids - they love making pasta - and it'll get better and easier each time you do it." 




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