Nicky Riemer on boiling eggs

July 6, 2019




How many minutes do you boil an egg? It depends on what you need says Nicky Riemer, head chef of Bellota Wine Bar in South Melbourne.  


“I always use the 3, 6, 9 rule,” says Nicky, “three minutes is super soft, a coddled egg and works very well in sauces like aioli making it more unctuous.

At six minutes the egg white has just set and it’s perfect for a ‘fancy pants’ bruschetta, like the recipe I’ve shared here,” she laughs. 

“Nine minutes is hard boiled, just right.”  


 Nicky puts the egg in boiling water - as opposed to putting the eggs into cold water - but she insists you must have your eggs at room temperature before you do this. 

And, when asked where she stores her eggs at home - pantry or fridge? 


“I’m eggs in the fridge, particularly in winter time, as the temperature fluctuates with the heater and warming the room, so the fridge keeps them at the same temperature. Be sure to take them out of the fridge not long before you need to cook them.”

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Nicky Riemer on boiling eggs

July 6, 2019

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