Eileen Horsnell's Secret To Boiling an Eggs

March 13, 2019

Everyone has their own way of boiling an egg and we asked chef Eileen Horsnell of Fitzroy’s Napier Quarter how she boils her Green Eggs. 


“My way is, and I do cook in bulk, is that I’ll put in 20 eggs at a time into boiling water and set the timer for nine minutes.” 


Eileen then takes the eggs and allows tap water run on them. “I leave them in tepid water for a few minutes and find that every time they come out well. They’re not dry as the temperature lowers slowly.” 


At home we probably won’t be cooking 20 eggs at once, so do we need to do anything differently? 

“If I was cooking one, two or three eggs, I’d put them on for eight minutes and finish them the same way.”










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